Today is Your Day!

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We all have bad days right?  Well… maybe we don’t have to anymore. Below is a technique that may help when we have “bad” things happen so they do not ruin the whole day. Believe it or not we have the ability to control how we chose to respond to those “bad” things. We are the ones who give the “bad” thing (behavior, situation etc…) power to affect our emotions as much or as little as we allow. So today is your day.

If things are not going your way try this. Do not judge the “bad” thing that happened as right or wrong. Instead, think to yourself “It is what it is” without any judgment. Stuff happens. It is not if stuff is going to happen it is when. Life can get messy and we have the ability to control how we react or respond to any given situation. Here is a story from the book the Taos of Piglet that illustrates this point quite nicely. By the way piglet is not in the story.

A farmer in the 1800′s woke up and went outside to see his fence keeping his horses corralled had fallen and all the horses escaped. He went to his neighbor and his neighbor said “that is bad”. The farmer replied “I don’t know is it?”. The next day the farmer woke up went outside and saw that his horses returned with some more horses. He corralled them and went to his neighbor later that day and told him what had happened. The neighbor said “Wow that is good” the farmer replied “I don’t know is it?”. The next day the farmer wakes up and goes outside and saw his son trying to tame one of the new wild horses. The son was bucked off and broke his leg. The famer got help and told the neighbor about what had happened the neighbor replied “That is bad”. The farmer responded “I don’t know is it?”. A week later the Calvary rode in looking for any able body to fight in the war which many never returned. The boy was not able to go. How we perceive what is good or what is bad may not be serving us in the long run. Today is your day. It is what it is and trust that you can handle whatever comes your way.


About stuartcline

I am a therapist and life coach. I believe the world is a better place when people are inspired and have hope. Positive people lead happy lives. My hope is that my blog will make your life better. I believe in you and the positive choices that you are making. Do what feels right and stop doing what does not. My hope is that our good deeds will ripple out into the world and leave it a little better then it was before. My goal is to make it easier for people to smile. Smiling matters. It leaves the world a little brighter and our hearts a little lighter. My hope is that smiling will be so common and contagious that we may all need to wear sunglasses, because the light created from the smiles is blinding. With kindness, Stuart
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