The Universe Tested You and You Passed.


The Universe tested you and you passed!

The Universe tested you and you passed. This was my response to a client of mine earlier tonight who had a very challenging day. He is a newly recovering alcoholic and had the chance to fall back into his ways and relapse but he did not. The universes tested him and he passed.

We all have challenges every day. My five year old daughter is starting kindergarten tomorrow. She is very excited and will have many new challenges and opportunities as the days pass. The goal is not for perfection but to make today better then yesterday and tomorrow better then today. If you can do this then you are succeeding. Remember in School 60% is the minimum one needs in the US to pass the test. In life you are not expected to get straight A’s in everything. So often we know what we do not want in our life and are not clear on what we do want in life. Try the following idea I got from author Noah St John. Instead of using affirmations on what you want. Such as “I have a million dollars in my bank account right know” even though you do not.  Use the term Noah has coined Afformations. This is similar to affirmations but instead of asking as if you have it in a statement. Ask it in a statement with a question. For example. Ask yourself “Why do I have so much money”. Ask as if you are repeating what someone just asked you and you are repeating this truth as if you really do have it right now. What does it feel like? The Afformation allows your subconscious to spend 24/7 on finding an answer for it. affirmations do not get this same attention. The subconscious will give you ideas of how you can take action to answer your questions. Try it now. What do you want? and own it with “I” statements. One way is to ask “Why………so……….” Why am I so calm?, Why do I attract so many wealthy, happy, giving, people into my life”, “Why do I always come out on top?” Why am I so Successful? – and feel the overwhelming success at this moment. Afformations I find are more powerful then affirmations. Please think of 5 Afformations you can repeat to yourself before you go to bed tonight. The world is a better place when as Brandon Burchard says When you Live, Love, And matter. Start Living and loving today. Start with yourself.

The universe will test you. If you do not like the test then change the questions with Afformations. Success is when you have been pushed down for the hundredth time and you still get up. Live your dreams…Afform, Live, Love, and matter now.

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About stuartcline

I am a therapist and life coach. I believe the world is a better place when people are inspired and have hope. Positive people lead happy lives. My hope is that my blog will make your life better. I believe in you and the positive choices that you are making. Do what feels right and stop doing what does not. My hope is that our good deeds will ripple out into the world and leave it a little better then it was before. My goal is to make it easier for people to smile. Smiling matters. It leaves the world a little brighter and our hearts a little lighter. My hope is that smiling will be so common and contagious that we may all need to wear sunglasses, because the light created from the smiles is blinding. With kindness, Stuart
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