I dare you to be more financially successful. Take this one week challenge with me. – Stuart Cline


If you want more financial freedom. Listen to this free 30 minute audio for 7 days. Take this challenge I dare you. I made it specifically for my blog readers to magnetize money your way. This audio is for you FREE. I want the best for you and I want you to succeed. You succeeding is my reward. I want the world to be a better place and one way to do that is with money. Money in its self is not good or bad. It just is. It is tough to help the poor if you are poor. We can help more if we have more resources like money.  I have included music with these Afformations that is scientifically proven to help your brain get into a receptive Alpha state. It is not designed to put you to sleep, but do not listen to it while you are driving. Do wear headphones while listening to it.

There is no catch no hidden cost just listen to this free audio for 30 minutes a day for seven day’s and then come back to my blog and let me know what has happened or don’t. I am just curious. Feel free to journal everyday. I bet you will be more financially successful.

Click on this link to listen to this audio: Free 30 minute Financial success Afformations the afformations start 5 minutes into the audio.

I often hear how people are stressed over the lack of money. This is my way to help.

What are Afformation’s? and how are they different from Affirmations?

Afformation’s are different then Affirmations. Affirmations try to change a belief with a statement which is not very effective because often we do not believe them. For example if your affirmation is “I am wealthy” and in the moment you are not wealthy your subconscious continues to support the belief not the new statement. This is where Afformations come in. Afformations uses questions to stimulate your subconscious to answer the question. For example instead of the above Affirmation. An Afformation would be “Why am I so wealthy”. We are only about 10% conscious of why we do what we do. Our subconscious is in charge of 90% of why we believe what we believe.

This audio is created of Afformation’s – questions to stimulate your subconscious to answer them in a effortless manner.   I am using the Afformations from Noah St Johns book The complete Afformation Guidebook: 28 days to a more abundant lifestyle. He reports some people have had unbelievable success in a short amount of time. Let’s see if it works.

The truth is I am not an expert in this. I am going to take this challenge with you starting today. I will be listening to this for the next 7 days so you are not alone. Send this to anyone you think may benefit. Feel free to find a partner to do it with and journal each day about what you notice. Then in seven days or eight I would love it if you would come back and comment on what you experienced. The key is to do it each day without missing a day. You can play it more then once a day. We can do this!


About stuartcline

I am a therapist and life coach. I believe the world is a better place when people are inspired and have hope. Positive people lead happy lives. My hope is that my blog will make your life better. I believe in you and the positive choices that you are making. Do what feels right and stop doing what does not. My hope is that our good deeds will ripple out into the world and leave it a little better then it was before. My goal is to make it easier for people to smile. Smiling matters. It leaves the world a little brighter and our hearts a little lighter. My hope is that smiling will be so common and contagious that we may all need to wear sunglasses, because the light created from the smiles is blinding. With kindness, Stuart
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