50 Art Therapy Blogs

Top 50 Art Therapy Blogs


I found this art therapy list from  Shelley Klammer at expressiveartworkshops.com This is a great resource to get those creative juices flowing. Check out her site and the many down below. Enjoy and live and inspired life!

Enjoy! Stuart

General Art Therapy Blogs

The following blogs offer general information about art therapy, as well as links to books and articles you can read to find out more.

1. Psychology Today: The Healing Arts: This blog is run by art therapist Cathy Malchiodi who posts topics about advocacy, art therapy intervention ideas, and more. If you are looking for the basics of this practice, this is a good blog to check out regarding the integrative, reparative and restorative powers of the arts.

2. Inner Canvas: Lisa Mitchell is an artist and a therapist who promotes the use of creativity in professional practice.

3. Art Therapy: If you want to find out the basics of this practice, as well as find books, ideas, and other resources, this is the blog to check out.

4. Art Therapy Reflections: Karen Wallace is an art therapist, artist, Focusing trainer, and art instructor. She has a private practice with adults and children and specializing in depression, trauma and life transition with adults and children. She expresses her love of nature, her practice of Buddhism and her family in her art.

5. Colors of Play: This blog provides creative art and play therapy for children, adolescents and young adults with special needs, autistic spectrum disorders, behavioral problems, and children coping with loss & bereavement and emotional & traumatic issues.

6. Art of Life with Mairead: This transpersonal art therapist writes about mental health research, community awareness, music, movement, art, and comedy.

7. Healing with the Arts: Art and healing is now a huge field. All over the world, people are healing themselves, others, community and the earth with the arts. Healing art from around the world is documented by artist and nurse Mary Rockwood Lane and Dr. Michael Samuels.

8. Art Therapy Los Angeles: Let this therapist share stories about interesting clients, inspiration, and ideas to give you a basic understanding of her practice working with chronic illness.

9. Mullumbimby Art TherapyThis blog offers interesting thoughts, ideas, and resources for anyone who wants to find out more about art therapy. This Creative Arts Therapist has fused her passion, interests and life experiences into her own unique approach to self discovery.

10. Health Care Fine Art: Henry Domke M.D. started this blog to learn more from experts about using art in healthcare. It became the basis for his book “Picture of Health: Handbook for Healthcare Art.” The intended audience includes interior designers, art consultants, architects, framers, hospital staff and artists. As a doctor, he relates to what stressful places hospitals can be.

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Blogs That Offer Art Therapy Ideas

11. Naropa Community Art Studio International: This blog uses art therapy practices to help relieve suffering and maintain a vision of international unity.

12. Art Therapy Cookbook: Art therapist Christa Brennan offers a database of inspiring art therapy techniques.

13. Creativity in Therapy: This art therapist primarily works with children, adolecents and families and shares art therapy directives that she uses in her professional practice.

14. Creative Juices Arts: Allow artist Chris Zydel – transformational teacher and creativity mentor to inspire you to find your way back to your creativity.

15. KinderArt: If you are are curious about exploring age appropriate art activites for kids in art therapy, check out this blog.

16. Yellow Door Art Therapy: Art therapist Donna Scott uses the multimodal approach of Creative Arts Therapy which includes visual arts, sound, movement, poetry, and play.

Blogs from Organizations

Some professional organizations offer blogs on their website. These can provide you with links to resources.

17. New Mexico Art Therapy Association: The NMATA blog regularly posts contributions from their board of directors, members, and friends. They frequently post images they have created individually or in workshops.

18. Art Therapy Alliance: Where art therapy meets social media. Their extensive social media portal for art therapists is here.

19. Art Therapy Without Borders: This organization promotes, develops, and supports international humanitarian art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide.

20. National Center for Creative Aging: This organization encourages everyone to use art, music, and more everyday, especially as they age.

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Blogs by Art Therapists

If you are interested in getting to know more about art therapy, let the experts themselves teach you. Blogs by art therapists often provide new ideas, unique perspectives, and educational videos.

21. The Centre for Psyche and the Arts: This blog is run by art therapists Michelle and Mark Dean and reflects their interdiscplinary approach to art therapy as artists, counsellors, and writers.

22. Elizabeth Beck: Ed Tech Art Therapy Blog is a place to search for art therapy ideas and exchange resources.

23. Adventures in Art Therapy: This blog teaches readers the power of art therapy and also tells stories about successful interventions.

24. Hannah Klaus Hunter: This art therapist’s blog focuses on textile and paper art inspired by her years of reflective meditation and writing.

25. ArtLight Therapy and Studios: Counselor Joni Becker offers a path to healing through creativity.

26. Helen Ellis Art Therapy: This art therapist has extensive experience working with children and teens in foster care, adoption and child welfare.

27. Lani Puppetmaker’s Blog: Get some inspiration and ideas from this art therapist’s site. She posts interesting art, explaining her take on it.

28. Maricle Counseling: This is an art therapist and licensed mental health counselor who specializes in using the arts to help people overcome anxiety and low self-esteem. She includes intervention ideas, information on art therapy as a profession, and what to expect in an art therapy session.

29. Creativity in Motion: Art therapist Gretchen Miller enjoys finding inspiration, creating positive energy, and discovering transformation by working in mixed media, collage, altered art, art journaling, as well as organizing art exchanges and creative collaborations.

30. Paint Splash Art Therapy: Southwestern College offers a comprehensive blog that collectively features the works and writings of art therapists and art therapy students.

31. Abbey of the Arts: Art therapist Christine Valtner Paintner melds expressive art with contemplative arts in her practice.

32. Art Therapy Spot: This comprehensive blog by art therapist Sara Roizen offers a wide variety of art therapy directives and examples.

33. Kathryn Wingard: Follow the journey of this art therapy student who explores art and culture.

34. Petrea Hanson-Adamidis: This art therapist specializes in children’s mental health using the modalities of puppet-making, therapeutic stories and guided meditations.

35. Denver Art Therapy & Counseling: This therapist focuses on issues related to divorce and separation, so check out art therapy in this context.

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Blogs about Art and Healing

If you want to find out firsthand how art therapy can help those who are trying to recover, reading a blog about firsthand experience can help tremendously. Not only will you be able to read the stories of various bloggers, but you can also see the artwork that expresses how they feel.

36. Modus Vivendi: This blog displays a large gallery of art created by those who are using art therapy to heal.

37. Intuitive Flow: Art therapist Giora Carmi uses art therapy to heal from chronic nerve pain. He shares his own personal experiences of intuitive art-making on his blog.

38. Sundrip – Art for Life: This blog brings together art therapy for mental health and art associated with the difficulties of Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

39. Crackers and Juiceboxes: This is another survivor in recovery who uses art therapy to get through life. Read her story and check out her art.

40. Art Stories: This blog by art therapist Girija Kaimal offers short illustrated stories on self-expression, creativity and learning in a creative and dynamic format.

41. Laura Hollick: This transformational performance artist shares her healing and teaching process through creative photography and movie making in a way that celebrates women’s empowerment.

42. Bonpournous – Recipes and Art: This blog is a sharing between art therapists and cancer patients and offers art processes and healthy recipes.

43. Beautiful Dreamer: This blogger mostly talks about the struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder, but the blog does include a separate section for artwork.

44. The Art Prescription: Registered nurse and artist Beverly Dyer offers a daily dose of art and haiku. Her prescription of art and poetry aims to help boost the immune system, ease pain and depression, and release emotions.

45. The Language of the Soul: Artist Margie Woods uses art journaling as a healing and authenticity practice.

46. Art Therapy Wellness Project: This art therapist is passionate about healing potential of the arts.

47. Expressive Art Inspirations: This counsellor shares personal examples of creative practices for spiritual self-exploration, and the healing of emotional pain through expressive art.

48. Chrissy Cranitch: This intuitive artist shares her emotional process on the journey between the inner calling of spontaneous art making and marketing herself as a professional artist.

49. Inner Spirit: This blog shares an artist’s process of artistic inquiry of her emotions and spiritual journey.

50. My (Getting Better) Story: Check out this abuse survivor’s drawings and poetry as she copes with the past.



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