What to do when bored? Here are 200 Options.

200 activities to fill your day.

  1. Go on you tube and find something to laugh about
  2. Take an online class
  3. Take a Hike
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Go rock climbing
  6. Learn to scuba dive.
  7. Go bird watching
  8. Watch a sport on TV
  9. Play a musical instrument, Guitar, bongo’s, piano, flute, trumpet, violin, harmonica etc.
  10. Knit – sweater, socks, blankets, hats for baby’s in the hospital and donate. Etc.
  11. Clean your closets
  12. Learn how to crochet
  13. Research your genealogy
  14. Cook a gourmet dinner
  15. Write an article for your local newspaper or favorite blogger who is taking requests.
  16. Photography- take some pictures, use your phone
  17. Start writing that book you’ve been planning
  18. Sing
  19. Plant a garden
  20. Play with a pet
  21. Start a collection of sports cards like baseball, basketball, hockey, football
  22. Write a kind post on someone’s web page.
  23. Pay it forward. Buy a smoothie or coffee and buy the next persons drink
  24. Looking into a fun class to do at a community college.
  25. Do a new DIY science project
  26. Buy an Estes rocket and shot it off
  27. Read to a child
  28. Visit someone in an old folks’ home
  29. Watch a biography
  30. Set up a family budget
  31. Make a web site or Blog
  32. Take up archery
  33. Exercise – Run, walk, bike, lift weights etc.
  34. Go to an online recovery meeting
  35. Go to a peer support group meeting
  36. Surf the internet
  37. Go swimming
  38. Take a relaxing bath
  39. Call your mom/father
  40. Learn a foreign language
  41. Write a poem
  42. Play golf
  43. Go to the batting cage and hit baseballs.
  44. Take a bubble bath
  45. Draw
  46. Do pottery
  47. Learn different ways to tie a tie.
  48. Take a nap
  49. Listen to music
  50. Paint a room or furniture
  51. Clean your desk
  52. Start a stamp collection
  53. Go window shopping
  54. Eat at a new restaurant.
  55. Browse in a book store
  56. Go to an art gallery
  57. Go for a drive
  58. Watch the clouds go by
  59. Play darts
  60. Do target shooting
  61. Do home repairs
  62. Clean your garage
  63. Sort your photographs
  64. Make a scrapbook
  65. Climb a tree
  66. Plant a tree
  67. Make Jelly, strawberry, apple, blueberry etc…
  68. Write a list of things you are grateful for.
  69. Write a letter to the editor
  70. Volunteer somewhere
  71. Take a hike
  72. Take a college class
  73. Try yoga
  74. Meditate
  75. Get and or give a massage
  76. Make fruit smoothies
  77. Bake a new pastry
  78. Go to a museum
  79. Do a crossword puzzle
  80. Go to the gym
  81. Plan and then go sky diving
  82. Sharpen your pruning tools, or kitchen knives
  83. Change your engine oil
  84. Sew
  85. Groom your dog
  86. Take a dog for a walk
  87. Help neighbor
  88. Go see a play
  89. Start a coin collection
  90. Sort your recipes
  91. Play solitaire Go bird watching
  92. Write a letter to a friend
  93. Learn to solve the Rubix’s cube
  94. Re pot your houseplants
  95. Go to a movie
  96. Mow your lawn
  97. Decorate your house
  98. Do landscaping if you have a house
  99. Go jogging
  100. Watch sitcoms
  101. Plan menus for a diet
  102. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  103. Play chess
  104. Play a favorite childhood board game.
  105. Write a song
  106. Watch a video
  107. Go for a bike ride
  108. Plant an herb garden
  109. Start an online journal
  110. Dye your hair
  111. Go to your favorite restaurant
  112. Go to a Café
  113. Go online and learn a card magic trick
  114. Bake some bread
  115. Learn a martial art
  116. Rearrange your furniture
  117. Find a fun new app on your phone
  118. Make a flower arrangement
  119. Read the newspaper
  120. Plant some flowers
  121. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  122. Do some laundry.
  123. Take a nature walk
  124. Play with your kids
  125. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  126. Volunteer at a school
  127. Pick up garbage in a park
  128. Read with your kids
  129. Write a fun bed time story for children
  130. Play basketball
  131. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  132. Call a friend and go somewhere you have never gone before.
  133. Sign up for obedience training with your dog
  134. Take a walk and pick up litter you see on the way
  135. Spend time at the library
  136. Sort all your digital photos and make an album to print for gifts to family.
  137. Help your kid organize his closet.
  138. Figure out the melody and chords to your current favorite tune on the piano.
  139. Practice your holiday cookie recipes
  140. Play Backgammon
  141. Make Bread
  142. Color in a coloring book
  143. Listen to an audio book
  144. Go on you tube and listen to a peaceful visualization
  145. Dance
  146. Take dance lessons
  147. Go bowling
  148. Put more time toward your religion or spirituality
  149. Reread one of your college textbooks.
  150. Take a nature walk and find a new flower or butterfly.
  151. Do your nails.
  152. Do word puzzles.
  153. Play a board game.
  154. Download new music
  155. Plant a bonsai.
  156. Buy and fill out Mad Libs or make your own.
  157. Call family
  158. Paint a landscape or seascape with water colors.
  159. Ride a stationary bicycle.
  160. Set up a domino topple.
  161. Buy a sketch pad and carry it with you during the week to sketch in.
  162. Rock hound – Search for rocks, minerals or crystals outside.
  163. Build a house of cards
  164. Make an entry in Wikipedia.
  165. Publish a family newsletter.
  166. Throw cards at a hat.
  167. Learn something new about history – go online
  168. Learn about investing money
  169. Learn about nutrition
  170. Write kind words to family members and post them in the house for everyone to see.
  171. Blow up balloons for fun
  172. Clean: room, house, car, etc…
  173. Make a model
  174. Learn how to make cloths on you tube.
  175. Go out and say high to 5 new people today
  176. Write out your goals for the next month, year, 5 years
  177. Make a list of your values
  178. Set a schedule for the week/month
  179. Write a letter of appreciation to a friend and snail mail or email it.
  180. Learn calligraphy
  181. Call and take horse back riding lessons.
  182. Join a club like hiking, biking, sewing etc
  183. Fix something that is broken like an appliance, bike, garage door opener, facet, etc…
  184. Work on listening skills and just listen to someone without giving opinion unless asked
  185. Do push ups
  186. Do sit ups
  187. Shoot nerf guns
  188. Have a picnic
  189. Go to the park.
  190. Swing on a swing
  191. Play with play dough for fun
  192. Go outside and star watch
  193. Fill a photo album
  194. Make a holiday ornament
  195. Write down favorite quotes you find online or in a book
  196. Journal
  197. Organize a drawer or closet
  198. If have tile in hose clean tile grout
  199. Go to a store and smell all the perfumes
  200. Paper yourself and get a facial, manicure, or pedicure.
  201. Go to a pool
  202. Sit in the sun
  203. Make cookies for your neighbor
  204. Make a meal for a family in need and take it over to them.
  205. Go to a park and play
  206. Give someone in need a ride to the store
  207. Be kind to yourself and know that hard times will pass.
  208. Make or buy a hummingbird feeder and put it outside
  209. Plant flowers or shrubbery that attracts butterfly’s or other wanted animals or insects.

If you have any activities you like doing that I have not added. Please let me know. I can always add to the list.



About stuartcline

I am a counselor and life coach. I believe the world is a better place when people are inspired and have hope. Positive people lead happy lives. My hope is that my blog will make your life better. I believe in you and the positive choices that you are making. Do what feels right and stop doing what does not. My hope is that our good deeds will ripple out into the world and leave it a little better then it was before. My goal is to make it easier for people to smile. Smiling matters. It leaves the world a little brighter and our hearts a little lighter. My hope is that smiling will be so common and contagious that we may all need to wear sunglasses, because the light created from the smiles is blinding. With kindness, Stuart
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2 Responses to What to do when bored? Here are 200 Options.

  1. Kina King says:

    What a great idea and fun to think about more. You have covered a lot!
    Get a hummingbird feeder
    Plant flowers that attract bees and butterflies

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