Affordable Life Coaching Certification


I have looked all over the internet for a Life Coaching Certificate Program that I could afford. They range from $599 -over $10,000. I could not afford that so…

I partnered with Steve G. Jones to reduce his $695 program by 89%.

He made it affordable

for $77

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I went through his program and am now a certified Life Coach.

You can finally be one too!

He has let me pass this savings on to my readers.

Full disclosure. I do receive a percentage of this program which helps me maintain this website that offers many free resources and programs with huge discounts so you benefit. I do believe in this program. This certification program is not an accredited Coach training program with the  The International Coach Federation (ICF) .  Accreditation is not needed to be a life coach. If you are new to Life coaching the above program is a great! program to see if you are a good fit without spending a lot of money. I want you to make the best choice for you and wish you the best. Stuart

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