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I am a therapist and life coach. I believe the world is a better place when people are inspired and have hope. Positive people lead happy lives. My hope is that my blog will make your life better. I believe in you and the positive choices that you are making. Do what feels right and stop doing what does not. My hope is that our good deeds will ripple out into the world and leave it a little better then it was before. My goal is to make it easier for people to smile. Smiling matters. It leaves the world a little brighter and our hearts a little lighter. My hope is that smiling will be so common and contagious that we may all need to wear sunglasses, because the light created from the smiles is blinding. With kindness, Stuart

Updated 100 Art Therapy Exercises

100 Art Therapy Exercises : Here is a popular internet list of art therapy activities originally posted up many years ago by the Nursing School Blog, and as time has gone by over half of the links have become defunct … Continue reading

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How To Have More of The Life You Want.

How to have more of the life you want I am writing a book title “Sobriety Now What?” to help people sustain sobriety and recovery. In doing so I am researching the importance of finding our direction. One way is … Continue reading

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8 Lessons on Financial Prosperity

I copied this wonderful blog from Marc at Enlight8. Check out his sight it is a good one. I am almost finished with reading The Richest Man in Babylon. A book that this blog is based on. If you google the name … Continue reading

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20 De-stressing Art Therapy options

20 Art Therapy Activities You Can Try At Home To Destress ” Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso Here is a list I copied from This list has some wonderful  stress busting … Continue reading

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50 Art Therapy Blogs

Top 50 Art Therapy Blogs   I found this art therapy list from  Shelley Klammer at This is a great resource to get those creative juices flowing. Check out her site and the many down below. Enjoy and live and inspired life! Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Toxic People through Forgiveness — Awakening Journey

Spirituality does not mean to be positive all the time. To be awakened is to be mindful and aware of your life and your current existence. Although I have forgiven many people who hurt and wounded me, it does not … Continue reading

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New Art Therapy Research Color More!

This article by Samantha Zabell shares new research in the journal of Art Therapy. Coloring is not just for kids. If stressed Color read on… The stress-relieving benefits are real You may think you’re “not creative” or “bad at art,” but … Continue reading

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Does your relationship do this?

This Article was taken from She has worked with a variety of people who are change agents in the world. I thought you may like this short and sweet description on whether you are in a healthy relationship or not. … Continue reading

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100 art therapy exercises to make your mind, body and spirit sing.

Originally posted on Tools to live an Inspired Life- Stuart Cline:
100 art therapy exercises to make your mind body and spirit sing at  I am always looking for new creative ideas for my self or the clients I work…

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The Race, A poem to help pick you up when life pushes you down.

When I read this it gave me the chills in a good way. This poem is to help inspire you when you are feeling down and out. When that voice in your head says give up. This Poem is one … Continue reading

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