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8 Lessons on Financial Prosperity

I copied this wonderful blog from Marc at Enlight8. Check out his sight it is a good one. I am almost finished with reading The Richest Man in Babylon. A book that this blog is based on. If you google the name … Continue reading

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The Race, A poem to help pick you up when life pushes you down.

When I read this it gave me the chills in a good way. This poem is to help inspire you when you are feeling down and out. When that voice in your head says give up. This Poem is one … Continue reading

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A parable on how to be a friend.

Here is a parable that helps answer this question. One day a man was walking down a road. The road opens up from under him and he falls into this big hole. He tries everything he can think of to get out … Continue reading

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A parable by Leo tolstoy- The Emperor’s three questions.

Leo Tolstoy This parable helps you know when you are putting your attention in the right place. Tolstoy is a celebrated Russian author from the 1800′s. This is a quick read and after you read this if people ask what you’ve done today you … Continue reading

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Today is Your Day!

We all have bad days right?  Well… maybe we don’t have to anymore. Below is a technique that may help when we have “bad” things happen so they do not ruin the whole day. Believe it or not we have the ability to control … Continue reading

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