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How To Have More of The Life You Want.

How to have more of the life you want I am writing a book title “Sobriety Now What?” to help people sustain sobriety and recovery. In doing so I am researching the importance of finding our direction. One way is … Continue reading

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Does your relationship do this?

This Article was taken from She has worked with a variety of people who are change agents in the world. I thought you may like this short and sweet description on whether you are in a healthy relationship or not. … Continue reading

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The Race, A poem to help pick you up when life pushes you down.

When I read this it gave me the chills in a good way. This poem is to help inspire you when you are feeling down and out. When that voice in your head says give up. This Poem is one … Continue reading

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How to save yourself from toxic people – The Scorpion and the Frog.

The parable of the scorpion and the frog which I share below is an important one. It is important for our own sense of well being to surround ourselves with healthy supportive people, but what if we don’t. This blog will help … Continue reading

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Like, That, But… words to avoid when communicating feeling.

Like, That, But…Sure if you were walking down the street with your significant other and you combined the words into the phrase “like that butt” as someone walked by this could cause some jealousy. However, These words used separately in … Continue reading

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Respect Is earned not given. Here’s how to get some.

Respect is earned not given. Here are 3 words on how to get some. Have you ever felt neglected or underappreciated in a relationship whether it is your family, job, children, pet’s, self etc…? My guess is we all have, … Continue reading

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A parable on how to be a friend.

Here is a parable that helps answer this question. One day a man was walking down a road. The road opens up from under him and he falls into this big hole. He tries everything he can think of to get out … Continue reading

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Are you respecting yourself? and if not who is? Read this and find out!

  It’s time to love yourself. Aretha Franklin in the 60′s sang the words R.E.S.P.E.C.T that’s what it means to me, but there is a new and easier way to understand and define respect and it is W.I.V. Let me explain. I define respect as giving something … Continue reading

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Whatever you do…do not look at the wall.

A legendary Nascar race car driver was asked if he could give one piece of advice to someone what would it be. His response “Don’t look at the wall.” If you do you will naturally move towards it, crash and burn. This makes complete … Continue reading

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When life is not going your way think of this donkey

This is  a story I read to the substance abuse group I counsel and is one that I think you will enjoy also. If you think you are having a rough go of it let me tell you about a donkey. It all starts on … Continue reading

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